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Database protection from unwanted changes can be divided into two types - PASSIVE and ACTIVE. Everything that restricts a user in one way or another is passive protection - passwords, access restrictions, algorithms controlling data intactness. Active protection approaches the problem from a different angle. The idea is to ensure that several appointed users can detect unwanted changes. In contrast with passive protection, the active approach entails enhancement of a user's capabilities. In order to create a reliable protection system, we need to combine the two approaches. No matter how sophisticated your passive protection is, you cannot rely on it until you find a way to check whether it works. Until recently, active protection was almost never used. A user was thought to be incapable to control gigabytes of data visually; all the other ways of controlling a database are of little benefit as there are always users with administrative rights. However, modern technologies make visual control over any amount of data possible and guarantee change detection even if a user with exclusive rights actively tries to hide the changes. See more...
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